Some videos from our Rockies Road Trip

Here are a few videos from our road trip with a post on ‘Road Trip – Part 2’ still to come.

#1 – Hiking along the Grassi Lakes Trail near Canmore. This was a magical trail to hike in the snow, several feet deep in places. At the top of the trail there are several small lakes, melting in the Spring weather to produce vivid blue and green pools.

#2 – Driving along the Icefields Parkway between Lake Louise and Jasper. This was one of the most scenic drives we did, going over glaciers, passing by mountains, over mountain passes and through forests.

#3 – In Jasper, getting held up for 15 minutes whilst a cross-country freight train passes the only road into town. There would have been about 100 carriages to this train and there seems to be an endless supply as trains roll through town all day, sometimes getting held up by Elk on the line in Jasper.

#4 – It’s a little far away but there’s a wolf there stalking something in the snow, this was taken alongside Highway 16 by Moose Lake on the journey to Kamloops from Jasper. The wolf was about 100m from the road. Just after this video ended the wolf pounced deep into the snow.


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  1. Beaumont Avenue /

    More train videos please.Glad all is going well.

    • Kirsty and Peter /

      Will do my best!

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