Road trip through the Rockies

We’re off on a road trip from Vancouver through British Columbia, starting off in Kelowna (where we pick up Claire) looping through the Rockies checking out some towns, mountains and hopefully some bears. Check back here later for an update of what we got up to.

Vancouver to Kelowna

Vancouver to Kelowna, posing in front of our steed


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  1. Beaumont Avenue /

    the steed Looks like a Qashqai, which means nomad like you both. JACK AND Chloe will be impressed if you see bears. Hope you are over jet lag

  2. Kirsty and Peter /

    Pretty sure the car is the equivalent of the qashqai, we got upgraded which was nice. THis sits a bit higher and is better for the long drives and the views! On every drive my eyes are peeled for bears!

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