Road Trip 5.2 – Nashville to Memphis

The drive to Memphis is only a few hours from Nashville so on the way we decided to see a few sites. We actually set off in the opposite direction to start with to visit an old school drug store in Cross Plains, north of Nashville. At the Thomas Drugs Store we sampled a peanut butter and hot fudge milkshake on the recommendation of the waitress and it was delicious as expected. We sat at the counter as in the old days with all the original fixtures and fittings around us. It felt classic American.

Thomas Drugs Store

Having a peanut butter and hot fudge milkshake in a classic American drug store

Thomas Drugs Store

A classic American drug store in Tennessee

We then set off Southwards with a  planned stop at Lynchburg to visit the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. They do free tours there that take you all around the distillery, seeing how this Tennessee sipping whiskey is made. It was an amazing tour with a humorous guide – Mike. They walk you through all the stages of the process and you get to see everything. The only thing missing is a taste as Tennessee is a dry state although you can ‘taste’ from the vapours. Once the tour was done we stopped for a brief moment in Lynchburg town square with, of course, numerous Jack Daniel’s souvenir shops including the official one in which you can buy a full wardrobe and kit out your kitchen and living room with ‘Jack Daniel’ branded merchandise.

Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel’s Distillery – where they make the charcoal

Jack Daniel's

The grain mill and mashing house at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery

Realising we only had 3 hours to get to Memphis to be on time for our next AirBnB hosts we made a dash for it stopping nowhere on the way. We got to Memphis around 8pm, only 1 hour late so not too bad. The problem with estimating a time for journey over here as that there are so many roadworks and random speed limit changes. We drove through some lovely Tennesseean farming country on the way and small towns, one of which was home to Davy Crockett, for a time at least – Lawrenceburg.

Tennessee Farming

Bailing the hay in Tennessee

Tennessee Farming

A Tennesseean farm on the way to Memphis

Our host for the next few days, Kelly, met us at their amazing 1920’s home in Memphis. We have a standalone home in the backyard with it’s own kitchen and bathroom. Most likely a servants quarters originally. They have bought the house recently and are renovating. This area is full of massive houses and some of them are just vast. I am sure we will see the other side to Memphis during our stay though. On Kelly’s recommendation we set off for dinner at Central BBQ and we were not disappointed. Kirsty had a smoked turkey salad and I, of course, had ribs. The best I have had in some time and definitely on this trip. It seems as though we have found the place for BBQ food. Looking forward to the next few days in Memphis.

Central BBQ

Central BBQ, Memphis. First BBQ of our trip

Central BBQ

Ribs, collards greens and slaw, Central BBQ, Memphis



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