My face now lacks a beard…

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So, I had been growing a beard since the wedding in Sri Lanka back in April and in San Cristobal de las Casas (Mexico) decided to shave it off. Along¬†the way (shaving) I experimented with some styles, none of which made the final cut, opting for a beard/moustache-less face instead. To take you on this journey with me I have created a montage of the event. I may start bearding again, there are still around five months of travel left…

(the background behind my heads is of a sunset in Caye Caulker, Belize)

Devolving beardface

A devolving beardface



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  1. Beaumont avenue /

    Is this the fbi’smost wanted list? You are probably safer and cooler without the beard. You must be movinG in to banana country now.

  2. Kirsty and Peter /

    Face is cooler without the beard and Kirsty likes me again. Funny you just said that abut the bananas, I read this after just driving through a banana plantation!

  3. Anna May /

    This is hands down my favourite blog post yet! HA!!

    Third from the left is my fave but I’m sad you didn’t provide a mutton chops option

  4. Kirsty and Peter /

    Well, I will just have to grow another beard to do the mutton chops. It is a shame I did not consider the chops before proceeding to shear. Kirsty will be pleased..

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