Mirissa – eating seafood and watching whales

Now in Mirissa after an amazing few days in Tangalle. We had great fun at the wedding of Deshika and Dimi and sampled probably our last taste of luxury at the Amenwella resort before returning to the life of a backpacker. We’ve loved the beaches right on the doorstep of where we’ve stayed (Green Gardens Cabanas), it’s towards the end of peak season here so we’re finding things pretty quiet which is nice. All in all a great time of eating and drinking well, relaxing on a beach and generally having an awesome time!

View from our loungers

The view from our sun-loungers on Goyambukka beach


Deshika and Dimi’s wedding on the beach, Amenwella Resort

We have now come to Mirissa to go whale-watching which we did this morning. Up at the crack of dawn as is typical with animal related activities we headed out to sea with ‘Raja & the Whales’. Once out in the deep channel waters we saw two blue whales, an amazing sight catching a glimpse of the world’s largest animal ever to have lived. We made sure that the tour we went on did things by the book in terms of cutting engine noise, reducing speed, not chasing the whales etc. but unfortunately there were plenty that did not abide by the international conventions, got too close and chased the whale until it was too tired to go anywhere. That side of it wasn’t nice to see but it’s a reality here as long as people are willing to pay for it. We were thrilled to have seen a blue whale without having to be apart of the uglier side of the tours. Not long in, Raja, the captain, decided that enough was enough and didn’t want to be around those other boats so we headed in. We had already seen a couple of blue whales by then though so we had seen what we came to see. On the way back to shore we were also treated to a display of dolphin acrobatics as they trailed the tuna pole and line fisherman for an easy meal.

Blue Whale

Blue Whale in the Indian Ocean, off Mirissa


Seeing dolphins on the way back to shore after whale watching with ‘Raja & the Whales’

After the whale-watching tour we went back to our guesthouse, The Spice House, for some relaxing by the pool. Tonight we’ll head back to the beach we had dinner at last night to one of the many restaurants there with a vast array of seafood to choose from.


Dinner on the beach in Mirissa


The choice of seafood at the Mirissa Eye Restaurant on the beachfront


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