Little England?

We have arrived in Nuwara Eliya after a stunning train journey from Kandy (see pics). There was a moment of confusion as we tried to find our carriage and seats having been sent the wrong direction a couple of times but once on with all our luggage we were pleasantly surprised by the room and comfort. The views were awesome along the way with tea plantations on rolling hills pretty much all the way. Had some curry doughnuts bought thorough the window, delicious!

Train to Nuwara Eliya

The view from the train to Nuwara Eliya

Train to Nuwara Eliya

What a lovely couple on their way to Nuwara Eliya from Kandy

I am writing this sitting in our guesthouse which we upped the budget for. It’s called Fern Tree Cottages and is as wooden structure with a treehouse feel. We have our own bathroom and balcony, a luxury! Just been for a walk around town. Not that much here although it is known as ‘Little England’ and it could mistaken in parts for the English countryside there’s even a golf course and horse racing track here!

We are only here for one night and tomorrow morning we jump back on the same train we caught here make our way to Haputalle for a few nights. From there we intend to go to a couple of national parks and see some wildlife.

Oh, and the running score for travel scrabble is 1-1 for all those who care. Kirsty has taken all the Monopoly Deal games to date. Just so you know…

Nuwara Eliya

The Nuwara Eliya Turf Club, one of the youngsters learning the ropes…. on a bike

Scrabble on the Balcony, Fern Tree Cottage Nuwara Eliya

Playing scrabble on the Balcony, Fern Tree Cottage in Nuwara Eliya


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  1. Caroline /

    Amazing blog, loving following your triP and i think i might know someone who may be slightly jealous of your train ride!! Going to show the Kids the Photos tomorrow. They will love it too. X

  2. Kirsty and Peter /

    Glad you like it, going to try to keep up with this as much i can. bought your birthday present the other day!

  3. Dad /

    Finally got onto blog. looks great! Sad to take no 2 daughter to airport however good you will all get together soon.

  4. Dad /

    Happy Birthday Peter. Please have fun spending nat’s house cleaning money

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