Tangalle – a beachside town

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Category: Sri Lanka / Location: Tangalle, Sri Lanka / Date: 28 Mar-2014
  • Rum and Pineapple
    The Leane sisters enjoying a Rum and Pineapple
  • View from our loungers
    View from our loungers on Goyambokka Beach, Tangalle
  • Our loungers on Goyambokka beach
    Our loungers and lunch 'shack' on Goyambokka beach
  • Deshika's pre-wedding party
    A pool party!
  • Green Sea Turtle
    Watching a green sea turtle make it's way back to the Indian Ocean after a 'false start' (nest dug but no eggs laid)
  • Beach
    Beach next to the Amenwella Resort, where the wedding was held
  • Wedding
    Before Deshika and Dimi's wedding
  • Wedding
    Deshika and Dimi's wedding on the beach, Amenwella Resort
  • Wedding
    Before the wedding, posing by the pool
  • Wedding
    Sunset over the pool at Amenwella Resort
  • Wedding
    Wedding Tuk Tuk
  • Wedding
    Deshika and Dimi after the ceremony
  • Wedding
    Lighting the candles after the ceremony
  • Wedding
    Anil walking Deshika down the aisle
  • Wedding
    Deshika and Kirsty
  • Wedding
    Releasing the lanterns after the ceremony


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