Seattle – sport, food and a view

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Category: USA / Location: Seattle, Washington, USA / Date: 25 Apr-2014
  • Driving across the US Border
    Driving into the USA from Canada
  • Baseball in Seattle
    Watching Seattle Mariners play the Texas Ranger at SafeCo Field
  • Mariner v Rangers v Sports food
    An evening of baseball and sports themed food. A baseball helmet filled with Nachos and every topping known to man, of course.
  • Pike Place Market
    Posing outside the famous Pike Place Market
  • Gum Wall
    The famous Gum Wall around the corner from Pike Place Market
  • Pike Place Market
    Tulips at the Pike Place Market
  • Beechers Cheese
    The menu at Beechers Cheese, what to have...
  • Beechers Cheese
    The World's Best Mac 'n' Cheese at Beechers Cheese. Delicious.
  • Boat Street Cafe
    Brunching at the Boat Street Cafe with Bec and Doug
  • Space Needle
    The world-famous Space Needle
  • EMP Museum and Space Needle
    The EMP Museum and Space Needle
  • EMP Museum
    The EMP Museum, designed by who? you guessed it, Frank Gehry
  • Posing outside EMP Museum
    Striking a pose outside the EMP Museum
  • Lunch with Bec and Doug in 5 Point Cafe
    Lunching with Bec and Doug in 5 Point Cafe, what to have?
  • Moosehead with bras in 5 Point Cafe
    A local sport at the 5 Point Cafe. Throwing your bra onto a giant moosehead. There were no games when we were there...
  • Cocktails at the Clever Bottle
    Having a couple of cocktails at the Clever Bottle in Belltown
  • Lunch at Fremont Market
    Lunching out of a giant metal pig at Fremont Market. Mac 'n' cheese, pulled port and slaw on the menu
  • Pinball Museum
    Downstairs at the Pinball Museum
  • Pinball Museum
    A pinball wizard on T2 at the Pinball Museum
  • Pinball Museum
    Kirsty mastering King Tut at the Pinball Museum
  • Seattle at dusk
    The sun going down over Seattle from Kerry Park
  • Seattle at night
    Seattle and the Space Needle at night from Kerry Park


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