San Jose

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Category: Costa Rica / Location: San Jose, Costa Rica / Date: 02 Sep-2014
  • Hostel Urbano
    Hostel Urbano, San Jose
  • Casado
    Lunch, casado with chicken
  • Casado
    Lunch, casado with beef steak
  • Hostel Urbano
    Hostel Urbano, on the Park
  • Streets of San Jose
    Streets around the University, filled with bars
  • Walkabout
    Going for a wander to get some supplies in San Jose
  • Graffiti
    Some graffiti next to the University of Costa Rica, San Jose
  • Graffiti
    Some more graffiti in the University area of San Jose
  • Graffiti
    Some underpass graffiti in San Jose


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