Merida – first look at the Yucatan

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Category: Mexico / Location: Merida, Yucatan, Mexico / Date: 23 Jul-2014
  • Hostal Zocalo
    Hostal Zocalo, our abode whilst in Merida
  • Merida Zocalo
    The zocalo on the left and our hostel on the right, the cathedral can just be seen in the background
  • Merida Zocalo
    The central main square in Merida, the zocalo
  • Merida Zocalo
    The main central square in Merida (zocalo) with the cathedral in the background
  • Merida Cathedral
    Merida Cathedral, the oldest in the Americas (reputedly)
  • Merida Cathedral
    Merida Cathedral at night
  • Government Palace
    The Government Palace, one of the many buildings of importance around the zocalo
  • Merida in the rain
    Merida in the rain, a common afternoon/evening event
  • Merida in the rain
    Looking down alongside the Government Palace
  • Bati Tortas
    Bati Tortas, tortas are basically toasted sandwiches
  • Souped up Beetle
    They love beetles in Mexico if the numbers are anything to go by, this one is especially loved


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