Latacunga – a typical Ecuadorian town

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Category: Ecuador / Location: Latacunga, Colombia
  • Quito to Latacunga
    The scenery on the way from Quito to Latacunga
  • Quito to Latacunga
    Snow on a mountain top, haven't seen that since North America
  • Hostel
    Our hostel up there on the left - 'Hostal Tiana'
  • Hostel
    The outdoor courtyard at our hostel
  • Hostel
    Walking down from the rooftop in our hostel
  • Latacunga
    A view of Latacunga from the rooftop of our hostel
  • Saint Francis Church
    Saint Francis Church in the old city
  • Parque Vicente Leon
    Parque Vicente Leon, in the centre of the old city
  • Latacunga Municipal Palace
    The Latacunga Municipal Palace, made from volcanic stone
  • Simon Bolivar Statue
    The obligatory statue of Simon Bolivar. This was has seen better days, it's missing a hand.
  • Latacunga Street
    A street in Latacunga, this is the old city. You can tell because of the cobbles
  • Plantain Truck
    Anyone for some plantains?


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