First day in Hong Kong

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Category: Hong Kong / Location: Hong Kong / Date: 10 Mar-2014
  • Dinner on Temple Street_1
    Mido cafe on Temple Street, around the corner from the night market
  • Dinner on Temple Street_2
    Waiting for our order to arrive
  • Dinner on Temple Street_3
    Grabbing a bite to eat in a Hong Kong cafe
  • Festival of Lights_1
    Light show in the background
  • Festival of Lights_2
    The light show in all it's glory
  • Festival of Lights_3
    Laser shooting from the top of a Hong Kong skyscraper
  • Hong Kong Apartment VIew
    A view from our abode in Hong Kong, 8 Mui Fong Street, Sai Ying Pun
  • Hong Kong Apartment
    Hong Kong living
  • Hong Kong Park
    A terrapin swimming in Hong Kong Park pond
  • Man Mo Temple_1
    The Man Mo Temple
  • Man Mo Temple_2
    Inside the Man Mo Temple
  • Man Mo Temple_3
    Inside the Man Mo Temple
  • Man Mo Temple_4
    Inside the Man Mo Temple
  • Man Mo Temple_5
    Inside the Man Mo Temple
  • Star Ferry_1
    Star Ferry in Kowloon Bay
  • Star Ferry_2
    Star ferry to Kowloon


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