Food & Drink: 160 days in review

So we are over halfway now, having been travelling for just over 160 days and I think it’s a good time to review some of the food and drink we have had the pleasure of sampling in the countries through which we have passed. Sadly I did not take photos of all the delicious food but this will give you a rough idea of our intake. This includes tasty treats from Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Canada, the USA, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. We have eaten century eggs at a Chinese wedding, barbecued lobster on a tropical island, nachos out of a baseball helmet, ribs in the southern states, tacos on a street corner and bacon covered in chocolate to name but a few. We have also sampled beer, wine and spirits from all over. Seven countries down, thirteen more to go! Click on the banner below to check it out.


Food & Drink: 160 days in review




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  1. Beaumont avenue /

    A pity about the money. The volcano didn’t look tErribly extinct! Thanks for the postcard from belize, nice stamp, very colourful.

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