Costa Rica – some videos of animals and travelling (and a travelling animal)

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Here are some videos of animal sightings in Cost Rica and a few of the journeys we made by bus and boat.


1. Coming across some spider monkeys feeding in the trees whilst walking on a trail around the back of the Finca Exotica hotel, Carate


2. These spider monkeys did not like me watching them


3. And some more spider monkeys…


4. Aracaris, in my opinion better than toucans but without the recognition they deserve, feasting on some plantains in the garden of the Toucan and Tarpon Lodge, Tourtuguero


5. Leafcutter ants, the ‘Costa Rican Army’, crossing my path on a walkabout through Puerto Jimenez


6. An unknown bird with punk haircut feasting on flower in Tortuguero


7. A hermit crab goes for a wander on Carate beach


8. Coati or Cacomistle? you decide, or perhaps not. I think it’s maybe a cacomistle as the face is shorter than a coati. Note how they can climb down trees facing fowards


9. Hummingbirds going crazy for that sugar-water in the ‘Hummingbird Garden’, Monteverde Cloud Forest, Cost Rica


10. The drive from Rancho Grande to Monteverde, one of the most stunning. The taxi driver seemed to enjoy himself racing along these dirt-roads. All the taxis here are 4×4 for obvious reasons


11. The start of the bus journey from Monteverde to San Jose


12. Travelling to Tortuguero from La Pavona by boat


13. Canoeing through the canals of Tortuguero National Park, trying to spot caimans and other wildlife



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