Colombo – our last day in Sri Lanka with some cricket mayhem on the green

This is our last day in Sri Lanka after an amazing three weeks. We got to Colombo yesterday having taken the morning train from Galle. This was proof yet again that we had overpacked. We are very much looking forward to dropping off some stuff when we transit in the UK for one night before heading to Canada. Backpacking with a suit-bag (for the weddings) and a roller bag (general overpacking) is also not ideal! Still, we managed it without any dramas mainly although there was a moment when getting off the train in Colombo we wandered if we’d see one of the bags again. I had to jump back on and battle with the masses wanting to get on board to retrieve it. We have also become masters of squeezing into the back of a tuk tuk with two large backpacks, one small backpack, a suit-bag and a roller cabin bag.

Colombo Fort Railway Station

Where we alighted in Colombo after arriving by train from Galle

View from a tuk tuk

The view from a tuk tuk racing along Galle Road with the Indian Ocean and the train tracks we arrived on to the left.

After arriving at our hostel near the old Dutch Hospital I went to find a real hospital to get my ear checked out. I picked up an ear infection from the ocean around a week ago. After finding one, I found that the doctor I needed had decided to go home for the day so I booked an appointment for the Sunday, only costs $10. Once that was out of the way we went for a few drinks in a pub, dinner at a Bavarian restaurant (balancing out all the rice and curry of the past three weeks), a pint at an English pub then a fancy club (Qbaa). I think we bemused the waiters with our cheap backpacking ways! Not their usual clientele I think.

On Sunday we said goodbye to Jess who is off to Kandy for a month on a volunteer program teaching English. We went to the railway station with her then back to the hospital to get my ear sorted out. After that we went for lunch at a nice place called the Barefoot Gallery with a Sunday lunchtime jazz session but not coping well with the heat decided to retreat to the luxury of our hostel room with aircon.

In the evening we ventured out for dinner along the Galle Face Green area which is a wide open green space facing the Indian Ocean with loads of street food vendors. They also showed the T20 cricket world cup final there so we watched with the locals on a big screen cheering on Sri Lanka against India. It was an amazing atmosphere there, everyone here just loves cricket and the crowd was going wild with each shot or ball that Sri Lanka played. Sri Lanka emerged victorious which just sent the crowd into even more of a frenzy. I have uploaded a couple of videos to the blog, check them out. Watching the final to the end did mean only getting about 3 hours sleep before our flight to the UK via Mumbai but well worth it. Next stop Vancouver, Canada.

Cricket final in Colombo

Watching Sri Lanka play India in the T20 world cup final at Galle Face Green in Colombo

Cricket final in Colombo

Setting off fireworks in celebtration of Sri Lanka beating India to win the T20 world cup


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