Back to Bogota and on to Quito, Ecuador

Thursday, 2nd October
We got up after a sleep in, well got up around 9am, and got ready to leave our hotel leaving the place empty as we were the only guests. We walked to the main town square, Plaza Mayor, and found a place for breakfast. It wasn’t the best breakfast we’ve had but it did the job. We then decided just to get a bus back to Tunja as we said we would be back around 4-5pm and we didn’t know how long it would take. As it turns out there was a bus leaving to Tunja within ten minutes of us getting to the bus station and from Tunja a bus left for Bogota almost immediately so we got back around 3:30pm. The route back was exactly the same as the route there, as expected so no surprises. We did see some more of the grass fires near to Villa de Leyva though and could see the flames through the smoke. I made sure I had a window west on the left hand side of the bus on the way from Villa de Leyva to Tunja to get the views down into the valley below.

VIlla de Leyva to Tunja

Fires in the distance as we leave Villa de Leyva

VIlla de Leyva to Tunja

The town of Tunja, stepping stone between Villa de Leyva and Bogota

The traffic being what it is in Bogota it took around an hour to get from where we caught the bus north on our way to Villa de Leyva to the bus terminal. We stayed on the bus all the way as we were unsure what would be the easier option of getting off at the ‘northern stop’ of waiting for the bus terminal. As it turns out we took the longer option. Once we were back in Bogota, we arrived at the bus terminal and got a taxi back to the El Nogal suburb where Sarah and Jose Luis live.  There we found a cafe to have a cup of coffee and plate of chips and after grabbing some snacks for our flight tomorrow we went back to their apartment. For our last night in Bogota we all went out for a lovely meal. Not South American as you might expect but a Chinese meal at a place call ‘P.F. Changs’. It was delicious and nice to have something Asian for a change.

Friday, 3rd October
Sarah didn’t start work until 10am today so we started the day having breakfast together in the apartment with croissants on the menu and Jose Luis’s homemade Tamarillo jam also on the table. Kirsty and Sarah then went off to get their nails done and a half an hour later Jose Luis and myself walked down to meet them. Kirsty and I had some things to sort out requiring the internet so we went off in search of a cafe with wifi to get it all done and arranged to meet Sarah and Jose Luis for lunch. We spent the next few hours getting stuff done in relation to onward travel and banking over a couple of coffees. We found a cafe in the ’T-Zone’ which was nice enough. This area is obviously very popular and attracts a lot people. There are expensive shops aswell as cheaper ones to keep you amused. We didn’t do any shopping, just leeched off the cafe’s internet for a couple of hours.

We met Sarah and Jose Luis and a friend of Sarah’s from work at a place called ‘Sopas de Mama y Postres Abuela’ for lunch around 1pm. We had a big lunch with the aim of not having to eat much for dinner as we would be at the airport around this time. After dinner we said farewell to Sarah and went off for an ice-cream, again a place with wifi, where we also booked a flight from Quito to Lima (Peru) to satisfy the airline leaving Colombia and the immigration entering Ecuador. We booked a flight through Expedia that we could cancel within 24 hours, hopefully not wasting any money but satisfying the entry requirements to Ecuador. Once we had this out of the way we went back to the apartment to print our boarding passes and pack. Jose Luis was then kind enough to give us a lift to the airport which despite the closeness took around an hour. We arrived with plenty of time to spare and had around two hours to wait airside before we could board our flight. The airline did check our onward flight at check-in so it was worth getting that sorted out and the immigration was a a breeze with hardly anyone around. We were both expected a much busier airport I think.

Colpatria Tower

The view from the Colpatria Tower in Bogota



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    You are still busy, hope the fare refund goes ok. We are off to rhode today, hotel nathelie in ixia, look it up.

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