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We landed at London Gatwick airport after our eight hour flight from Havana, Cuba. It was a relatively easy flight and we were both impressed by the food on this Virgin Atlantic flight. It was around 10am when we walked off the plane towards immigration, me using my British passport for the first time in quite some time and Kirsty entering using her Australian passport and visa. She took rather longer than me to get though as expected. Gatwick airport has a railway station attached which is serviced by the Thameslink line so we were able to catch a train all the way to St. Albans which meant that we were on a 12:30pm train bound for home after around 300 days on the road and towards an end to our travels. My parents met us at the station to begin my first Christmas at home for eight years and Kirsty’s first Christmas in the UK.

It’s been an amazing journey over the last 300 days and we have some incredible memories. Now it’s time to settle down and find a job…


UK Arrivals

Arriving in London, Gatwick



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